OK, so I need something to grab your attention fast:

This is Genotick's profit trading US stock market. No leverage, no optimization, walk forward only.

So what is Genotick?
It's a FREE Artificial Intelligence Trading Software. It creates mechanical trading systems that can later be used for your day-to-day investment decisions. Systems are created automagically, without user's intervention nor ideas. Genotick is capable of creating any kind of system: mean reverting, trend following, price action or even based on fundamentals. The equity you see here is built day-by-day, exactly as in real life. To stay realistic, Genotick learns trading with historical prices and THEN makes a prediction for the next day. Unlike other artificial intelligence trading software it doesn't iterate over data more than once, so it avoids over-fitting and over-learning. You can check its results here.

How to use it?
You have two options:
- Use our dedicated cloud service. A user-friendly, quick and easy way to try it without any download or installation. It's free.
- Download standalone version or build from sources. (Genotick is Open Source).

Click here for some general help / overview. Also, there is a lively news group. Don't hesitate to post there. There are no stupid questions.

How it works?
I wrote a lengthy research about Genotick describing the algorithm and decision process that's behind Genotick's design. Plus, you can always just read the sources.
Genotick is distributed under GPL licence. That means, you can use it free of charge and change it as you wish. If you're a developer - pull requests are welcome.