List of articles about Genotick. Worth reading to know how it works inside.

Research about Genotick
This is the most detailed explanation of Genotick's inner workings. A bit lenghty and formal but worth the time.

Matt Haines's Blog
Matt Haines wrote a series of articles about Genotick:
Tests on UPRO, Cool headed introduction, Noise kills profits, Dirty sine
Matt is quite good, I added his blog to my reading list.

Guest post on Ernest Chan's blog
Detailed overview. It contains some reasoning behind Genotick's design and thoughts about AI trading in general.

Blog post on Seeking alpha.
A little bit about survivorship bias when applied to investing research. Also a bit about wisdom of the crowd phenomena which is fundamental to Genotick's inner workings.

Trend following: theoretical basis and a practical example.
This article has nothing to do with Genotick but I reckon it could be interesting to some of you. It's a little research about trend following. It contains profitable, forward tested trend following system.