Each Genotick's run is a little different. It is almost certain, that running Genotick million times you will get million different results, even on the same data. This is one of such runs:
This result was achieved in simulation trading on daily data with following markets: aapl, goog, eurusd, spx. Dates traded: 1st Jan 2000 - 12th Aug 2016. Equally invested in each market. No leverage, no optimization, no stop losses.

Genotick also works when trading intraday:
This is Eur/Usd on 1 minute bars during 2015. Commissions not included and obviously they would be substantial if you were to trade every minute. However the point is that Genotick is capable of spotting inefficiency in intraday data.

Let's trade SPX and Nikkei together. Start at 1 Jan 1990 so almost exactly the beginning of bear market for Nikkei and bull market for SPX. End of trading on 16th Aug 2016, daily bars: