Below you will find list of articles about Genotick written over the years. They should provide good overview about Genotick's inner process.
Novel Approach to AI Trading
This is the most detailed explanation of Genotick's inner workings. A bit lengthy but worth the time. Download here
Investigating concepts used by Genotick
Hannes Ludwig wrote his bachelor thesis about Genotick. It contains some really interesting concepts, observations and ideas for future development. It's really good - well worth the read. Download here
Is Genotick just lucky?
This is a short text that tries to explain how Genotick's results differ from random trading. Download here
Matt Haines's Blog
Guest post on Ernest Chan's blog
Detailed overview. It contains some reasoning behind Genotick's design and thoughts about AI trading in general. Read here
Blog post on Seeking Alpha
A little bit about survivorship bias when applied to investing research. Also a bit about wisdom of the crowd phenomena which is fundamental to Genotick's inner workings. Read here
Trend following: theoretical basis and a practical example
This article has nothing to do with Genotick but I reckon it could be interesting to some of you. It's a little research about trend following. It contains profitable, forward tested trend following system. Download here