List of questions below is definitely not exhaustive. If you find something confusing or unintuitive - let me know.
Where can I download Genotick?
How can I install from sources?
How can I check which version I'm running?
I have Yahoo's historical data. How can I use it?
I have my own data. How can I prepare it so Genotick can use it?
What is 'reverse data' and why do I need this?
How can I automatically reverse my data?
How can I reverse data in MS Excel / LibreOffice?
What do all the settings mean?
How can I train Genotick with random settings?
How can I load settings from a file?
How can I create my own population of robots (systems)?
How can I use population of robots to get predictions for tomorrow?
How can I write Genotick's result to CSV file?
How can I see trained population's info?
Where can I read more about Genotick?
Where can I ask any questions?
How can I contact the author?